Psalms 42 and 43
Douglas Mangum described the Psalms as "confront[ing] us with a wide spectrum of human experience in a fallen world. Its content extraordinarily demonstrates that God accepts his people both at their best and at their worst."  We could say that the pandemic has exposed both the best and the worst in people as we continue to deal with the complexities and ambiguities that reflect the realities of our day.  The news reminds us how the pandemic is increasing the number of cases of depression, and within this condition people are turning to their own solutions that includes substance abuse and suicide.
Psalm 42 and 43 deal with the spiritual depression of the Psalmist.  It is within the Hebrew poetry his condition is described, and we seem to get glimpses into Israel's history that might explain the reason for his psychological state.  But join us in discovering the solution that the psalmist has in mind.