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Hebrews 11:1-13

Sermon Notes

Big Words In The Bible

Faith in Jesus Christ separates Christians from all other people.  Many assume that the definition of faith is universally understood in this world, but is it?  This is an important question because many people today accuse the Christian of having a blind faith.  Nowhere in scripture are believers called to have a blind faith, yet this is what people hear when the  Christian describes their faith to some nonbelievers.

The way we understand others is due to the way we understand words.  If you define a hospital as a place of healing, rest and comfort, you will have a different view of a hospital than the person who sees it as a place of suffering, pain and death.  The Holman Bible Dictionary notes that in the 20th century, some philosophers and theologians have radically redefined faith.

What do we as believers need to understand as we describe our confident faith so that the bias of their definition of faith does not cause them to hear us describing a reckless and blind faith?